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What is cargo van insurance?


Operating any vehicle presents certain risks, but those risks vary somewhat depending on the type of vehicle being driven. For Pennsylvania businesses that use cargo vans, cargo van insurance tends to provide the best coverage against the particular risks that these vehicles present.

Cargo van insurance is specialized auto insurance for non-passenger vans used by businesses. Policies often can protect vans, their cargo and the business.

  • What Pennsylvania businesses need to have commercial van insurance?


  • Pennsylvania state law generally mandates that businesses carry auto insurance for vehicles they use. Businesses with cargo vans will likely find that commercial van insurance best meets their needs. 

    Certain coverages are often also needed when a van is leased or financed, but businesses shouldn’t just base their coverage decisions on what’s required by the state or a bank. Additional coverages are strongly recommended in most cases, so that a van, its cargo and the business can all be well protected.

Cargo Van Insurance Pennsylvania

What types of vans can be covered by cargo van policies?


Cargo van policies are primarily for non-passenger commercial vans, and the vast majority of non-passenger commercial vans can be covered by this type of policy. Such vans can include cargo vans, courier vans, step vans, delivery vans, reefer vans, utility vans, box vans and others.

Because policies are able to insure so many different kinds of cargo vans, cargo van policies are purchased by a diverse range of businesses. For example, last-mile delivery services, local courier companies, bakeries, florists, equipment leasing firms, furniture stores, contractors and other businesses might all get a policy.

Cargo Van Insurance Pennsylvania

Can passenger vans be covered by cargo van policies?


While passenger vans are often covered by commercial van insurance, they typically aren’t insured by cargo van policies. This is because cargo van policies normally don’t have the injury coverage that transporting a group of passengers calls for. Instead, a passenger van insurance policy is likely needed.

Can box trucks be insured by cargo van policies?


Although box trucks primarily transport goods, these tend to be larger than vans and carry somewhat heavier loads. For those reasons, box trucks normally require a truck insurance policy. A cargo van policy may be able to cover a truck in select cases only.

What protections can cargo van policies offer?


Cargo van policies usually offer a variety of protections, which can be standard or optional. Some notable ones are:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: May cover damage to a van caused by events other than collisions with vehicles (e.g. falling trees, theft, fire).
  • Collision Coverage: May cover damage to a van caused by collisions with other vehicles.
  • Bodily Injury Coverage: May cover physical injuries sustained in an accident.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: May cover medical expenses arising from injuries.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: May cover damage to other property or vehicles caused by collisions.
  • Gap Coverage: May cover the difference between the van’s value and the remaining loan balance, in case the van is totaled.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: May cover collisions involving uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Do cargo van policies cover stored equipment and inventory?


Cargo van policies are generally designed for insuring the items kept within a van. Most policies provide plenty of coverage for any common equipment, tools, supplies or inventory in a van. 

It’s important to work with an insurance agent who’s knowledgeable about commercial van insurance, however. An agent will be able to make sure everything in a van is properly insured. They also can help find robust coverage for any specialized or expensive items.

Cargo Van Insurance Pennsylvania
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How can Pennsylvania businesses get cargo van insurance?

If you need help insuring a cargo van that’s registered in Pennsylvania, contact the independent insurance agents at Anthony Acri Insurance Agency. Our agents can help you determine what coverages and limits your vans need, and then find a policy that meets those needs well. As an independent agency, we’re able to compare the best cargo van insurance policies from multiple insurance companies.

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