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What is motor truck cargo insurance?


For businesses in Pennsylvania that transport freight, it’s important to make sure loads are protected against damage and theft. In addition to properly securing cargo on trucks, getting motor truck cargo insurance can also play an important role in protecting cargo.

Motor truck cargo insurance is a specialized type of liability insurance that offers financial protection in cases where the transported cargo is damaged or lost during transit.

  • Which Pennsylvania businesses need to have motor truck cargo coverage?


  • Any Pennsylvania business transporting goods for a customer might need motor truck cargo coverage. It’s particularly important if commercial auto coverage doesn’t sufficiently protect cargo loads.

    This generally applies to businesses that transport almost any type of goods, ranging from gravel to highly specialized scientific equipment. Policies may be purchased for loads carried by tractor-trailers, straight trucks, cement mixers, dump trucks, dually pickups, cargo vans and other commercial trucks. 

    Not only is the coverage broadly recommended to shield against potential liability costs, but some businesses may find that they need coverage to secure certain jobs. A growing number of risk managers will only contract with freight transporters that have coverage for the customer’s goods.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Pennsylvania

What incidents are covered by motor truck cargo policies?


The specific coverages included in policies can vary, but motor truck cargo policies typically offer protection against:

  • Accidental Overturning
  • Collisions and Accidents
  • Fire and Extreme Weather
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Hijacking

An insurance agent specializing in motor truck cargo can check what a specific policy would likely cover.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Pennsylvania

What costs do motor truck cargo policies pay?


When a covered claim is made, motor truck cargo policies may cover multiple costs. These can include:

  • Attorney and court fees
  • Settlement amounts
  • Contractual penalties
  • Equipment relocation
  • Debris removal
  • Pollution cleanup
  • Uncollected freight charges

Do motor truck cargo policies protect loads when trucks are parked?


Whether motor truck cargo extends protection to when trucks are parked depends on the particulars of a policy. Policies primarily insure cargo when en route, usually covering goods when stopped at rest areas or fuel stations. 

Overnight stops are also often covered, but extended stays or other times when parked aren’t always covered. For example, cargo might not be protected when loading or unloading.

A specialized insurance agent can check what situations a chosen policy will extend protection to.

What kinds of cargo can be insured by motor truck policies?


Motor truck cargo policies normally can cover a broad range of goods, from raw materials and equipment to consumer goods and specialty parts. For high-value or specialized items like art, collectibles, live animals, or radioactive materials, you may need to consult a specialized insurance agent who can secure proper coverage.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Pennsylvania

How much do premiums for motor truck cargo policies cost?


The cost of motor truck cargo policies can vary quite a bit, as premiums are based on many different factors. Some details that can impact cost are the type of goods being transported, value of those goods, what risks are anticipated, the mileage driven, and whether there have been past claims. Other factors come into play, too.

The easiest way to find out how much coverage will cost is to compare multiple quotes with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents don’t need to favor any one insurance company, and can therefore help compare options from several different companies.

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How can Pennsylvania-based transporters find motor truck cargo insurance?


If your freight transportation business is in Pennsylvania and needs motor truck cargo insurance, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Anthony Acri Insurance Agency. Our agents are well versed in commercial vehicle insurance and related coverages, including motor truck cargo. We’ll make sure you find a policy that protects your cargo loads well.

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