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What is contractors insurance?


Pennsylvania businesses in the construction sector are exposed to multiple risks. Equipment can be damaged, work can be vandalized, and fires can break out almost anywhere. Contractors insurance may help protect against risks such as these, and many more.

Contractors insurance is tailored to address the unique risks that come with working construction. Policies usually offer a selection of contractor property and contractors liability insurance options.

Which businesses in Pennsylvania need contractor insurance?


Most Pennsylvania businesses that operate in construction or the trades should consider contractor insurance. General contractors, subcontractors and others in the industry all purchase policies. For example, all of the following businesses might need a contractor policy:

  • General contractors and subcontractors
  • New home builders, residential developers and residential contractors
  • Remodelers and renovation specialists
  • New construction companies and commercial developers
  • Demolition specialists
  • Marine construction specialists
  • Trades (e.g. electricians, plumbers, roofers, carpenters, etc.)
  • Landscapers and hardscapers

While all of these businesses might get a contractor policy, no single policy will meet each one of these businesses’ needs. Instead, an insurance agent who specializes in contractor policies can help each business find a particular policy that’s well-suited for their specific work and situation.

Contractors Insurance Pennsylvania

What insurance coverages are available to contractors?


In order to meet the varied needs of businesses in construction and the trades, contractors policies make many coverages available. Some important protections to consider are:

  • General Contractors Liability Insurance: Might cover everyday accidents leading to third-party injuries or property damage. May include slip-and-fall accidents at a contractor facility, customer location or construction site.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Might cover business vehicles in the event of an auto accident or other non-accident incident. Usually covers injuries and property damage resulting from employee-caused accidents as well.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance: Might cover large settlements or legal expenses that are beyond the limits of other liability insurances. Can be a useful secondary level of protection.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Might cover buildings, garages and other facilities owned by a contractor. Usually also can cover equipment, tools and supplies kept at the insured facilities.
  • Inland Marine Insurance: Might cover equipment, tools and supplies as they’re moved to, from and between construction sites.
  • Contractors Equipment Insurance: Might cover equipment, tools and supplies while they’re at a construction site or other worksite.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Might cover unexpected breakdowns of essential equipment. Usually covers emergency repair costs, so contractors can resume working as quickly as possible.
  • Builders Risk Insurance: Might cover construction-specific related tied to the building process and related materials.

The coverages that provide liability protections, such as general contractors liability insurance and commercial umbrella insurance, normally help pay attorney fees, court fees and any settlement when there’s a covered claim. Payments usually begin when a claim is filed, so contractors can get help with legal costs before a lawsuit is settled.

Contractors Insurance Pennsylvania

What kind of commercial auto coverage should contractors consider?


Most contractors drive trucks or vans for work, and therefore need some form of commercial auto insurance. What form depends on what vehicles a contractor uses:

  • Personal vans and pickup trucks used for carrying supplies may be insured through a personal auto policy. Some personal policies have an option for limited commercial coverage, which could be sufficient for these vehicles.
  • Commercial pickup trucks and vans owned by a company likely need a dedicated commercial auto insurance policy.
  • Larger equipment, such as commercial straight trucks, dump trucks, or concrete mixers, may require a commercial truck insurance policy.
  • Businesses with several commercial vehicles might consider fleet insurance. This is often available if insuring five or more company-owned vehicles, regardless of vehicle type.
  • Businesses that have employees drive their personal vehicle for work (not including commuting) may need hired and non-owned auto insurance. This typically provides a company with liability protection when employee vehicles are used.
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How can Pennsylvania construction and trade businesses get contractors insurance?


For help insuring an Pennsylvania business that’s in construction or the trades, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Anthony Acri Insurance Agency. We’ll work with you to assess coverage needs, and then have the expertise necessary to find you the best policy that meets those needs. We can recommend the best available policy since we’re an independent Pennsylvania insurance agency.

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