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What is fleet insurance?


For Pennsylvania businesses that have multiple commercial vehicles, fleet insurance is a streamlined and cost-efficient way to get coverage. Instead of getting individual policies for each vehicle, businesses can combine vehicles into one policy.

Fleet insurance bundles together coverage for multiple commercial vehicles. Policies are adapted for insuring more than one vehicle, and premiums are often lower than individual policies.

What Pennsylvania businesses should insure their vehicles with commercial fleet insurance?


Commercial fleet insurance is normally for businesses that have 5+ vehicles. This is the threshold where a fleet policy likely makes more sense than individual policies.

For businesses managing between 2-4 vehicles, bundled individual policies are often a better way to insure the vehicles. A fleet policy can provide more coverage than is necessary for this number of vehicles, and have higher premiums as a result.

If a business is unsure whether their vehicles should be insured with a fleet policy, this is something that an insurance agent knowledgeable in fleet and other commercial auto policies can work through.

Fleet Insurance Pennsylvania

What vehicles can be insured with commercial fleet insurance?


Commercial fleet insurance is available for most types of vehicles, although each policy may have to be adjusted for a specific vehicle class. Insuring cars and trucks might require separate policies, for example.

Just a few of the many different vehicles that can be covered by these policies include:

  • Cars (corporate cars, loaner vehicles, luxury autos, etc.)
  • Vans (cargo vans, passenger vans, utility vans, etc.)
  • Trucks (pickups, box trucks, semis, specialized trucks, etc.) 

What protections are offered through commercial fleet policies?


Commercial fleet policies generally mirror the protections available through standard auto policies. Policies generally offer the following:

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Usually for injuries sustained by individuals inside company-owned vehicles.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Usually for injuries experienced by third parties who aren’t inside company vehicles, like pedestrians, or other drivers and passengers.
  • Collision Coverage: Usually for damages to company vehicles that result from collisions with other vehicles that are being driven at the time of the accident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Usually for damages to company vehicles from non-collision events, like falling objects, animals, fire, vandalism and theft.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Usually for damages caused to others’ property in collisions, such as damage to other vehicles, buildings and various other property.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Usually for collisions involving drivers who don’t have adequate insurance coverage, and typically covers hit-and-run accidents too.
Fleet Insurance Pennsylvania

What are Symbol 1 fleet policies and Symbol 7 fleet policies?


Commercial fleet insurance is generally categorized as either Symbol 1 policies or Symbol 7 policies. The difference is primarily what vehicles are covered:

  • Symbol 1 policies normally cover any vehicle operated by employees.
  • Symbol 7 policies normally cover only vehicles listed on the policy. 

An insurance agent specializing in commercial fleet policies will be able to help decide which symbol makes the most sense for a business’s vehicles.

How much does insuring multiple company vehicles cost?


While fleet policies are generally cost-effective for insuring more than five vehicles, premiums can vary based on:

  • Number of insured vehicles
  • Value of the vehicles
  • Vehicle type and classification
  • Vehicle weight and any trailers attached
  • Intended use of the vehicles

It’s impossible to say exactly how much insuring a fleet of vehicles will cost without getting custom insurance quotes. An independent insurance agent can check quotes from multiple insurers, to see how much a particular fleet will cost to cover.

Fleet Insurance Pennsylvania
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How can Pennsylvania businesses get fleet insurance for their vehicles?


If your Pennsylvania business needs help insuring multiple vehicles that it owns, contact the independent agents at Anthony Acri Insurance Agency. Specializing in various commercial auto policies, including fleet insurance, our agents are able to find you a fleet policy that’ll protect the vehicles well.

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