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What is tow truck insurance? 


Operating a tow truck comes with inherent risks, ranging from roadside accidents to damage when the truck isn’t being used. The risk of roadside accident only increases when working on Philadelphia or Pittsburgh’s busy highways, or anywhere in Pennsylvania during an icy winter day. An insurance policy can’t do anything to preempt something from happening, but tow truck insurance could provide vital financial protections when there’s an injury or damage.

Tow truck insurance provides tailor-made coverage for wreckers and tow truck operators. Policies may extend coverage to the wrecker, towed vehicles, operator and business.

  • Who in Pennsylvania should be carrying towing insurance? 


  • Towing insurance is generally the right choice for any Pennsylvania business that operates one or more wreckers. Not insurance can have serious legal and liability consequences.Some examples of businesses that operate tow trucks, and therefore probably need this insurance, are:
    • Tow truck owner-operators
    • Traditional towing services
    • Heavy-duty towing services
    • Repair shops with their own trow truck
    • Vehicle impound facilities
Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania

What are the typical protections included in tow truck policies? 


Tow truck insurance policies can come with multiple coverages that work together to protect against an array of risks. Some common and important protections include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage: May provide coverage for damage to the insured wrecker(s) due to collisions (i.e. usually involving another vehicle).
  • Comprehensive Coverage: May provide coverage for damage to the wrecker(s) due to other events (i.e. usually animal impacts, falling branches, fires, theft).
  • Tow Truck Liability Coverage: May provide coverage for third-party injuries and property damages resulting from collisions.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: May provide coverage for medical costs due to injuries from collisions.
  • On-Hook Towing Coverage: May provide coverage for damage to vehicles being towed when they’re hooked up to a wrecker.
  • Garage Services Coverage: May provide coverage for damage to towed vehicles when they’re not hooked to a wrecker (i.e. usually when at a repair shop, impound lot).
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: May provide coverage for collisions with drivers who don’t have sufficient insurance.
Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania

What towing insurance protections are available for heavy-duty towing?


Heavy-duty towing amplifies the risks that come with operating wreckers, as the wreckers and trucks they tow are much larger. Towing a tractor-trailer or fire truck is different from hooking up a sedan or even dual-axle pickup truck.

Insuring a heavy-duty wrecker may require special terms, higher limits and other specific adjustments to a standard towing policy. An insurance agent specializing in towing insurance can help make sure a chosen policy has the features that heavy-duty wreckers require.

Are tow truck policies suitable for vehicle transporters? 


Although vehicle transporters might need some of the same protections as tow truck operators do, the insurance needs aren’t completely identical. Transporters should instead look for commercial insurance that’s specifically tailored to their needs. This too is something that an insurance agent who knows towing and similar policies well can assist with.

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania

How much does it cost to insure a tow truck?


The cost of insuring a tow truck varies, as several factors have an effect on premiums. A few details that can impact cost are:

  • Number of wreckers being insured
  • Year, make and model of each wrecker
  • Coverage area where towing services are offered
  • Kinds of roads that towing services are offered on
  • Operator experience and accident history

To find out how much insuring a tow truck will cost, operators can compare policies with the aid of an independent insurance agent. An independent insurance agent can request multiple customized quotes from different insurance companies, and then compare costs and coverages with an operator.

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Where can Pennsylvania towing operators get tow truck insurance? 


If you have a tow truck to insure, connect with the independent Pennsylvania insurance agents at Anthony Acri insurance Agency. We’ll work with you to identify coverage needs, find a good tow truck insurance policy, and make sure you’re well protected when on the road.

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