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What is flatbed insurance?


Driving any type of vehicle comes with certain challenges and risks that insurance can help with, but those are only increased when operating a flatbed truck. The size of the truck, size of its load and weight of its load make these trucks more challenging to insure. For Pennsylvania businesses that are using these vehicles, flatbed insurance can provide the extra protection these trucks require.

Flatbed insurance is a specialized type of commercial truck insurance for flatbed trucks. Policies have coverages and limits that are adjusted for these trucks and the equipment they carry.

  • Which Pennsylvania businesses should consider flatbed truck insurance?


  • Most businesses operating flatbeds should have flatbed truck insurance. Pennsylvania state law generally requires insurance, and this tends to be the best policy option for flatbed trucks. 

    Because flatbeds are used in multiple industries, there are a range of businesses that ultimately might get a flatbed policy. Just a few examples include:

    • Residential and commercial construction firms
    • Road repair and construction firms
    • Mobile home manufacturers and installers
    • Renewable energy infrastructure manufacturers and installers
    • Agricultural operations that have large and heavy equipment
    • Auto auction businesses that transport multiple vehicles
    • Commercial landscaping and mowing companies
Flatbed Insurance Pennsylvania

What coverages are typically included in flatbed truck insurance?


Flatbed truck insurance policies generally exceed the state’s mandated minimum requirements, offering more options than are required. The coverage choices typically include a combination of property coverages and liability coverages.

Property coverages normally protect assets against damage and loss. In this case, they usually protect trucks and their equipment. Some property protections to look for are:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Might protect against non-collision damage, such as theft, fire, wind, falling trees or animal strikes.
  • Collision Coverage: Might protect against collision damage, which is generally damage that occurs when hitting another vehicle.
  • Ramp, Binder, Chain & Tarp Coverage: Might protect equipment that’s used on the truck, such as ramps, binders, chains and tarps.
  • Towing & Storage Coverage: Might protect against the costs of towing and storage after a covered event that causes damage.
  • Loading & Unloading Coverage: Might protect cargo when loading and unloading goods.
  • Earned Freight Coverage: Might protect against lost accounts receivable following a valid claim.

Liability coverages normally protect in situations where a business could be held financially responsible for causing harm, damage or loss to another party. Some important liability protections are:

  • General Liability Coverage: May cover non-auto accidents occurring on the business premises or near the truck, such as slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: May cover auto accidents that result in injuries to non-employees.
  • Property Damage Liability: May cover auto accidents that result in damage to another vehicle or other third-party property.
  • Commercial Umbrella: May cover especially large lawsuits and claims that exceed other coverages’ limits.

An insurance agent specializing in flatbed policies can explain these and other coverage options in greater detail.

Flatbed Insurance Pennsylvania

Can flatbed tow trucks be insured with a flatbed truck policy?


While flatbed tow trucks might find all of the coverages they need within a flatbed truck policy, these policies are generally designed for larger flatbed trucks that carry oversized and heavy loads. They frequently offer more than tow trucks need, and correspondingly come with higher premiums than tow trucks likely have to pay.

An insurance agent who knows flatbed policies will be able to determine whether a flatbed truck policy does make sense for a tow truck, or help find a more suitable policy for a flatbed tow truck.

How much are the premiums for flatbed policies?


The premiums charged for flatbed policies can vary from one truck to the next. They’re based on factors like truck type, truck size, load weight, load size, miles driven, and where a truck is taken (e.g. whether it goes into construction zones). These are just some of the details that can impact cost.

Businesses can find out how much insuring their trucks will cost by working with an independent insurance agent.

Flatbed Insurance Pennsylvania
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How can Pennsylvania businesses obtain flatbed insurance?


If your business has flatbeds that are Pennsylvania-registered, contact the independent insurance agents at Anthony Acri Insurance Agency for help insuring these trucks. We’ll make sure you get a flatbed insurance policy that’ll protect your trucks well.

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