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If you’re looking for workers compensation insurance, Anthony Acri Insurance can help identify what types of coverage best suit you.  We use our experience and expertise to create customized policies to provide you with the financial protection you deserve. We are crafters of protection – not salespeople, so you’ll be prepared for the unknown. Our extremely friendly and knowledgeable agents will work with you to discuss your situation, concerns, and plans. 

You’ve worked hard in your professional and personal life, we know that.  The right insurance will help protect your home, family, business, and assets from life’s unexpected events. 

With financial protection derived from an Anthony Acri Insurance plan, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you are well protected in case the worst happens.

We work with dozens of reputable insurance carriers to find you the best coverage at the best price. It’s a win-win situation that seems too good to be true (but isn’t!). Our relationships with many of the top-rated insurance companies allow us to shop your policy, and provide you with options.

While we work diligently to find you the best coverage price for your situation, we are proud to say that we are not here to find you the cheapest, minimum coverage on the market. That goes against our values of providing REAL protection for REAL life situations. You can rest assured that we take your personal and business circumstances seriously, and we’ll work hard to provide the most complete protection available.

Get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Anthony Acri Insurance Agency to begin the peace-of-mind process! 

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